Langkawi Island Mangrove Forest & Eagle Bay

Places to Visit/Activities

  • Bats Caves (Gua Kelawah)
  • Cave of Legends (Gua Cerita)
  • Modern Fish Farm
  • Local Fish Farm
  • Eagle Feeding
  • Mangrove Forest                         

Eagle-Feeding is one of the must-do things in Langkawi, because it will be your best magical moment, ever! Where else on earth that you can cast your magic and summon the wild eagles to you?

This special mangrove forest boat tour is a unique 4-5 hours boat trip that takes you along the most beautiful seascapes on the island where you could see plants unique to Langkawi that very few humans have seen, and majestic limestone rock formations and sea stacks rise from the sea home to unique flowering plants found nowhere else in the world.

Langkawi Island Mangrove Forest & Eagle Bay – Firstly you take the mangrove forest reserve via boat and learn about its ecology, medicinal plants, migratory birds and role in nursing juvenile marine life. However Langkawi’s coastal zone is fringed with extensive mangrove forests sprawling over 3200 ha. Furthermore Mangrove habitats mammals as long tailed macaque, dusky leaf monkey, squirrels and others. Therefore Birds such as eagles and herons, reptiles such as lizards, crocodiles and reticulated python and fishes ranging more than 40 species including crap.

Afterwards, Visit floating modern fish farm and local fish farm and fishing village. Furthermore our boat will drop you at the floating fish farm in a secluded cove surrounded by high vertical limestone and granite cliffs. You will have a wild time hand-feeding the rays. Therefore, is also a number of sea creatures kept in the ‘tanks’ but we shall not reveal too much – its well worth on your trip.

In addition visit the Bats Caves (Gua Kelawah) where you will have the chance to experience one of the freakiest experiences of your life!  The experience of watching the bats around and close to you, the wind of flying bats, the sound of nervous laughter, bats squeaking and much all make the more intense sense experience you will ever have.

Explore Cave of Legends (Gua Cerita) – This Cave is famous for an important archaeological discovery. Gua Cerita, which is made up of two limestone caves lying above the other and facing the sea, is steeped in fables of mystery and romance. On its walls are ancient inscriptions written in Jawi, which are yet to be deciphered. Found at about 7.7 meters from the cave’s entrance, these inscriptions supposedly date from 1754 during the reign of Sultan Mohamed Jiwa II of Kedah.

Feeding to the eagles is a spectacular, exciting experience and photo opportunity for all. Our boat will cruise to a very beautiful and special spot where you will have a chance to see a flock of eagles swooped in from nowhere. The amazing thing about these magnificent predators is their precision. Circling eagles swoop down with their sharp talons fully extended as they pick the pieces of chicken meat nimbly off the surface. They skim over the water’s surface effortlessly before flying off into the trees to feast on their ‘catch’. There are various types of eagles here; the Brahmin kites (46cm) arrive from all directions. These raptors are generally chestnut brown in color, and white on the head and breast. The White-bellied Sea Eagle (71cm) is the largest of the species present. The sea eagle’s head and under parts are white with grey back and wing-coverts. Its impressive wingspan lifts the eagle high above the crowd and is usually spotted soaring in higher altitudes. These birds are the lords of the skies. Langkawi (Lang = eagle and kawi = reddish brown stones found here) is named after the Red Eagles that have made their home in the crags and crevices of the islands long before any human set foot ashore.

Tour Duration: 4-5 Hours Departure Location: Langkawi Yacht Club



  • Hotel pick-ups are for city center hotels only. For pick-ups outside of city center, additional fees will apply.
  • Children below 2 years old are free of charge.
  • Other languages are available on request with additional charge.
  • Minimum 2 person
  • For more than 7 pax, professional English Speaking Guide will be assigned
  • Kindly contact us directly to get promotional rate for more than 4 pax
  • Furthermore, for more info about Langkawi click Here.


Package Inclusive :

  • Driver cum Guide (English Speaking)
  • Tour as per itinerary
  • Transportation by air-conditioned vehicle
  • Guide
  • Fully equipped Boat with toilet cabin
  • Licensed Captain and experience crew
  • Insurance covered
  • Refreshments and snacks are included.
  • Complimentary round trip hotel transfers available. Please advise pick-up hotel at time of

Package Exclusive:

  • Meals (Lunch & Dinner)
  • Personal expenses
  • Compulsory Tipping
  • Items not mentioned above
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