3D/4N Bangan Datoh Homestay Holiday Package

3D/4N Bangan Datoh Homestay Holiday Package

MALAYSIA HOMESTAY , Malaysia , Kuala-Lumpur

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The Homestay Program

Malaysia is a country with a rich and proud ethnic heritage. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Dayaks, Eurasians and others create the social fabric of Malaysian society. Although each ethnic group has its unique cultural identity, all share an outgoing and warm hospitality for which Malaysia is well known.

Malaysians have a traditional love for meeting people, making new friends and welcoming guests into their homes. In turn, for many Malaysians as well as visitors to Malaysia, there is little that is more interesting than staying as guests in a traditional Malaysian home. When staying with a Malaysian family, guests live the life as the local people do, and are treated like part of the family. Most often, this includes staying in a wooden house, dining on local dishes prepared by the hosts, and eating with your hands.

In addition, visitors are often involved in local activities that range from cooking classes — a great way to take the local cuisine home — through to attending a traditional wedding, watching a local cultural dance, or participating in a Malay martial arts program. All of these are part of the developing Malaysian Homestay Program and key factors that distinguish it from the more simple bed and breakfast type of accommodation.


Bagan Datoh Homestay

Wake up to the sounds of nature; look out to greet a new world.
Walk to the market, where colours in every shade unfurl.

Pluck a coconut, drink from its goodness, collect palm fruit and marvel at its designed purpose.  

Laughter of children playing, scattering the air with mirth, join them in a congkak game, prepare your mind for re-birth.

Drown the heat in refreshing sugar cane, and watch as the world passes you by at the gravel lane.

Visit the ironsmith and be awed by his skill, generations have passed but he keeps at it still.

When chickens, geese or cows cross your path, stop awhile and let them pass. For many times they appear aimless, when just going for a bath.

Cycle to the jetty, catch a fish or two. Go home for supper, splendidly cooked for you.

Nasi lemak, roti canai and myriad kinds of food, whetting your appetite like nothing else could.

Make your kite and fly it in the sky, with peals of laughter and a delightful cry! 

Get familiar with Malay culture, where modesty is esteemed, and the beauty of your experience, will leave nothing to be redeemed.

Soak in the environment, understand the kampong ways. And helpful friends are close by, in your heart to stay.

At Bagan Datoh homestay, you arrive as a guest and depart as a friend.


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